Allard Bosch


Modern Strategy,
Branding and Design;

My Story

My story starts in elementary school. A kid that was never seated in the front. You could make me happy if you gave me a blank paper and some colored pencils. Happy, as long as I could live out my imagination.
At the age of ten, I’ve discovered this thing called Photoshop. Brilliant! I could draw out my ideas without grinding my pencils or throwing away my whole artwork if I made a mistake. (I disliked erasers and I still dislike them).

After a few year around the age of fourteen, my brother-in-law started a degree in Multimedia Design which consisted the use of Photoshop. This was the first time I’ve ever heard of people using Photoshop for a living. Safe to say; I was thrilled.
And so - when I had to choose my upcoming study - I chose to start a pre-bachelor in Graphic Design.

Here’s today. I’ve got a pre-bachelor in Graphic Design, specialized myself by finishing a bachelor in Communication & Multimedia Design and I'm still continuing personal studies in media psychology and marketing. I do the work I love, in the branch I love, meeting people I love.